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2011-01-14 06:25:10 by All4Flash

does anyone know how i can make my game go to a different frame depending on the score?
for example i want my game to go to frame 4 (nextFrame) when over 500 + is scored and to go to frame 5 when lower then 500 is scored. at the moment on the last frame of my timer i have
_root.nextFrame ()
and that sends you to the "You Scored 'BLAH BLAH BLAH'" page, i want it to send you to either a YOU WIN YOU SCORED THIS or YOU LOSE TRY AGAIN depending on your score.
fyi i have a text box with a variable of "score"
plz help, my game needs you!


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2014-06-23 07:52:32

I'm not a pro at flash, but I think I can help you. (If you're in AS2.)
At the last frame of your timer, you should've written this :
_root.onEnterFrame = function(){
if(score >= 500){
} else {